"ækra" - the field

All things live and die under the same sun. You can’t claim the sunlight, but you should be able to claim some shadow when things get too heated:)

Sheep relaxing in the shadows – Saua som slappe av i skyggen

I always struggle to find the right word for the area where these creatures enjoy their life. Where we use to grow stuff and run with no hesitation or sense of boundaries. I guess it’s called ”the fields” in English. Commonly called ”åker” in Norwegian, but to me, it doesn’t feel right because I always ran across “ÆKRA”, and I awkward walking on the ”åker”, cause that is not allowed. It’s used for growing stuff and you shouldn’t step on what another person strives to get growing.

“Sauan på ÆKRA breke og bråke hele natta, og kvile sæ i skyggen om dagen.”

I’ll try in English:

“The sheep in the field bleat and make noise all night, and rest during the day.”


Stay cool!